Hong Kong Baptist University is one of the top liberal arts universities in Asia dedicated to nurturing future generations with a broad-based, transdisciplinary, and creative education. HKBU embraces the use of innovative technologies to push forward the envelope of human imagination to enrich students’ learning experiences.

HKBUniverse is an immersive virtual environment that facilitates cross-discipline and cross-boundary teaching and learning via collaboration and interaction among students, professors, and external partners from different disciplines. It is an ongoing project developed from the ground up to reflect its own virtue and values, with the contribution of HKBU faculty's expertise and the participation of industrial professionals.

About JCCC

HKBUniverse featured Meta-JCCC which provides you with a glimpse of our new Jockey Club Campus of Creativity (JCCC). JCCC, upon completion in 2024, will boast four blocks of residential colleges that form the Village CARE plus the Jockey Club Creative Hub featuring state-of-the-art facilities for music, film, television, and video games as well as Jockey Club White Box Experimental Space, an immersive space for scientific and artistic research, which is the first of its kind in Asia. In Meta-JCCC, you can experience an interactive fly-through of the campus and a gamified walk-through inside the JCCC building with recent works of professors and students showcased.


  1. After launching HKBUniverse, click [Student / Staff] to login if you have a HKBU email account. Click [guest] if you do not have a HKBU email account.
  2. You will be led to the HKBU account login page. Please enter your HKBU email account and password according to the instructions on the website. You’ll then login to your account in HKBUniverse.
  1. Use [W] [A] [S] [D] to walk around the campus.
  2. Move your mouse to control your vision in HKBUniverse.
  3. Press [M] to see the map. Press [esc] to close the map.
  4. Press [E] or right-click to interact with items, other players and NPCs.
  5. You can press [Esc] to open menu. Then click [hotkey list] to check the hotkeys in HKBUniverse.
  1. Press [enter] to open a chat box in the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Choose a player on the [Players] list on the right. The selected player’s name will appear on the bottom left of the chat bar.
  3. After typing in the chat box, press [enter] to send chat.
  4. Click [hide chat] or press [esc] on the chat box to quit the conversation.

In the current version of HKBUniverse, you can visit the JCCC and the Li Promenade. The Location of the portals to different areas in HKBUniverse.

  • The portal to Li Promenade is located at the entrance of JCCC.
  • The portal to JCCC is located on the both ends of the Li Promenade.
    1. Walk to the portal. Press ‘Yes’ to travel to different virtual spaces.

We envision HKBU-Metaverse Campus to be a growing virtual space to unfold imagination via co-design initiatives among HKBU’s students, professors and external collaborators. Stay tuned!


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