We are excited to announce that our HKBU metaverse is now available on both the Windows and MacOS platforms. You can download the HKBU metaverse and give it a try.

About HKBUniverse

HKBUniverse is an immersive AI-enabled virtual environment that facilitates cross-discipline and cross-boundary teaching and learning via collaboration and interaction among students, faculty, and external partners from different disciplines.

It is an ongoing project developed from the ground up to reflect its own virtue and values, with the contribution of HKBU faculty's expertise and the participation of industry professionals.

It provides a space where students and staff can meet, communicate, and collaborate.


HKBUniverse features Meta-JCCC, which provides you with a glimpse of our new Jockey Club Campus of Creativity (JCCC).
Upon completion in 2024, JCCC will boast four blocks of residential colleges that form the Village CARE, as well as the Club Creative Hub featuring state-of-the-art facilities for music, film, television, and video games.
Additionally, JCCC will include the Jockey Club White Box Experimental Space, an immersive space for scientific and artistic research, which is the first of its kind in Asia.
In Meta-JCCC, you can experience an interactive fly-through of the campus and a gamified walk-through inside the JCCC building, showcasing recent works of professors and students.


Teleporting from Meta-JCCC, you will find yourself in Meta-Li-Promenade, where you can discover TriAngle, the Library, and various outdoor meeting areas.
This space offers more room for organising larger events.

AI-enabled Virtual Avatar

Using your HKBU account, you can log in, create your avatar, and interact with your classmates and faculty.
You will also meet our virtual characters (NPC) empowered with AI in HKBUniverse.


How to login HKBUniverse?

How to navigate in HKBUniverse?

How to chat with others in HKBUniverse?

How to teleport between virtual spaces in HKBUniverse?

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Let´s start the project together!

We will organize workshops to train students and colleagues who are interested in contributing. If you are interested, please contact us.

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