Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration (Global Entertainment) (JS2930)

Entertainment business covers a broad coverage of film, music, theatre, media, gaming, museum, arts and cultural events and performances. It has been rapidly developing in Hong Kong, the Mainland and across the globe in recent years. Technologies and new forms of monetization are also changing the viewer experience drastically. Global entertainment businesses need specialists who can perform a wide range of duties including content development, licensing, finance, marketing, administration, circulation, audience development, public education and more importantly, who can support and champion the fast-evolving new forms of audience engagement.

This transdisciplinary programme is open to students from all academic backgrounds. Business-minded students who wish to pursue a career in the entertainment business and/or arts, cultural and creative industries should apply.

Curriculum Framework

Students will be given options to explore the range of theory and research across the disciplines of arts and business while mandating the completion of core units in creativity, cultural understanding, ethics, and communication. Students will collaborate on projects from the industries and undergo an array of experiential learning activities as such industry seminars and roundtable discussions. They will work on company-based projects to provide solutions to real-life problems in the creative and cultural industries under the supervision of renowned professors and experts in and outside Hong Kong. They will complete multiple learning experiences such as field trips and internships in the Mainland particularly the Greater Bay Area and overseas. By the time of graduation, students will have a strong portfolio documenting their achievements. There will be portfolio and project-based assessment based on constant problem solving. Skills such as teamwork and communication will also be cultivated and assessed.

Programme Structure

University Requirements
University Core 13
General Education 12
Free Electives 25
Programme Requirements
Major Required Courses (including Final Year Project) 57
Major Elective Courses 21
Total 128
Transdisciplinary Common Core (TCC) 9 Units
Global Challenges I 3
Global Challenges II 6
Programme-Specific Knowledge/ Skills (KS) 24 Units
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility3
The World of Business and Entrepreneurship3
Data Analytics for Business Decision Making3
Entertainment 3.0: Creative Industries and Technology 3
Globalization and Culture3
Entertainment Law3
Creative Entrepreneurship3
Creativity: Theory and Practice 3
Programme-Specific Experiential Learning (Exp) 24 Units
Transdisciplinary Collaboration Studio 12
Global Entertainment Business Field Trip 3
Industry Internship 3
Company-Based Final Year Project 6
Total 57 Units
Select any SEVEN of the following courses*: 21 Units
Courses offered by Academy of Film
Media Arts and Performance3
Hollywood Cinema3
East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues3
Online Media Management3
Game Economy: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology3
Courses offered by Academy of Visual Arts*
Studio: Graphic Design9
Studio: Experience Design9
Course offered by Department of History
Introduction to Museum Studies 3
Courses offered by Department of Humanities and Creative Writing
Artistic Creativity and Aesthetics Awareness 3
Chinese Song Lyric Writing3
Creative Industries: Theories and Practices3
New Media Cultures 3
Popular Music Studies 3
Science Fiction, Film and Culture 3
East Asia Media Cultures in the Global Age 3
Media Representations of Ethnicity 3
The Double Face of Creativity: Fact and Fiction3
Writing for New Media3
Courses offered by Department of Music
Introduction to Music Business and Music Marketing3
Legal Perspective in the Creative Arts 3
Music and Media3
Listening to the Twentieth Century3
Music Design and Programming for Video Games3
Iconic Figures of Chinese Popular Music3
History and Analysis of Game Scoring3
The Past and Present of Music Theatre: from Opera to Broadway3
Female and LGBTO artists in Music, Arts and Society3
Sight and Sound: Great Film Music Collaborations3
Courses offered by School of Business3
Cross-Cultural and Comparative Management3
Understanding the Digital Economy3
Big Data Analytics3
Entrepreneurial Finance3
Introduction to Business Analytics and Data Visualization3
Consumer Insight: Online Customer Data Analytics and Machine Learning Approaches3
Consumer Behaviors3
Strategic Digital Marketing3
Sports and Entertainment Marketing3
Leisure Marketing3

*For courses offered by Academy of Visual Arts, each 9-unit course can be counted as THREE 3-unit courses.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the programme will develop transdisciplinary skills, creativity, intercultural awareness and entrepreneurial mindset that enable them to facilitate creative content creation and delivery and/or take up business positions in administration, marketing, distribution, project and event management for entertainment, arts, culture and creative industries. Graduates will be effective in running business operations, engaging the public audiences, enhancing customer services and front-stage experiences. Their employers include entertainment businesses, creative industries, cultural venues, museums, exhibition spaces, performing venues, art groups, NGOs and foundations, art traders, event organisers’ and the Government.


Students will study in the existing facilities of HKBU and the state-of-the-art facilities in the Jockey Club Campus of Creativity to be opened in 2023/24.


The programme will follow the general admission requirements. Candidates will be required to submit a portfolio and may be required to attend an interview. 100% of holistic assessment, including academic performance, portfolio and interview, will be adopted.

The intake quota is 15 for 2023/24 Intake.

For details, please visit Undergraduate Admissions website.


Local students apply on the strength of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) should submit application via the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) at

Non-JUPAS applicants please apply via the Direct (Non-JUPAS) Admissions Scheme. Please visit the website of Academic Registry of the Hong Kong Baptist University at for details.

In addition to the University’s admission requirements, all applicants are required to attend an admission interview with an aim to assess their suitability to the programme.

Applicants will also be encouraged to submit a portfolio for review. Your portfolio should include a personal statement, a short video of yourself and showcase of creativity. Preparing a portfolio gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your passion, creativity, talent, and potential to succeed in the degree, alongside your academic achievements. Click here for the portfolio submission guideline.

Applicants will be assessed according to their motivation, personal interests and commitment to the global entertainment business and/or arts, culture and creative industries.

The interview will be conducted in English.

Yes. You can apply for an exchange programme. The University has established exchange collaborations with overseas institutions. Students could choose to study in one of the foreign countries such as Australia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA for a semester or a full academic year.

Yes. A 3-credit bearing Global Entertainment Business Field Trip course will be offered to all Year 3 students in this programme. International exposure and experiences are essential to prepare students who wish to pursue a career in the global entertainment business and/or arts, culture and creative industries. This course will provide students with an opportunity to visit a country/city outside Hong Kong, to acquire first-hand knowledge of the business operations through field visits.

Yes. A 3-credit bearing Industry Internship course will be offered to all Year 3 students in this programme, as we believe an internship links classroom theory to professional practice and provides students with learning experience beyond the academic programme. Students will work in an organization that are primarily related to venue operation, administration, marketing, project and event management. Alternatively, students may be involved in content creation, or given an opportunity to bring changes for existing and emerging forms of arts and culture.


For further information or enquiry about the programme, please contact us at or 3411-2105

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