Message from Associate Vice-President (Undergraduate Programmes)

The world is evolving at a high speed and technological advancements like AI are transforming our daily lives. We see new ideas and opportunities, and at the same time face new challenges with new forms of complexity. Traditional jobs may fade out and new jobs will emerge. We envision the importance of transdisciplinary innovations in response to the global challenges, and the importance of nurturing future-ready talents who are not only knowledgeable in their own disciplines, but also ready to collaborate in a transdisciplinary team for a better world.

As envisioned in HKBU’s Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028 to provide best student learning experience and to achieve teaching and research excellence for extending knowledge frontiers to tackle global challenges, we launched four new transdisciplinary undergraduate programmes in Arts Tech, Global Entertainment, Innovations in Health and Social Well-being, and Individualised Major. They are built on top of HKBU’s expertise on Creative Arts, Health and Well-being, and Data Analytics and AI. Other than the transdisciplinary nature, students are provided with the flexibility to choose their concentrations of study. Apart from classroom learning, they will have extensive non-local experiential learning and internship opportunities. For the Individualised Major students, under the guidance of the academic supervisors, they can design their own majors!

We are very pleased to receive positive feedback from the international accreditation panels regarding the timeliness of the proposed curriculums in response to the global trend on transdisciplinary education. Also, we are very pleased to have our first cohort of over 100 students joining us in September 2022.

We believe that transdisciplinary education will provide new learning experience to students who can see the importance of being future-ready and are willing to nurture themselves to become a lifelong learner who is adaptive, innovative, and ready to collaborate.

Prof. William CHEUNG
Associate Vice-President (Undergraduate Programmes)
May 2023

Prof. William CHEUNG