Individualised Major (JS2950)

Bachelor of Arts, Science and Technology (Hons) in Individualised Major

Offered by:  Division of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes


BAScT|Google Collaboration

29 Jun 2023

HKBU collaborates with Google Hong Kong to bring in the Google Career Certificates Programme 2023, a suite of online training programmes for in-demand digital skills, to cultivate the transdisciplinary problem-solving and analytical skills of students of BAScT programme through the support of information technology. With the scholarship offered by Google Hong Kong, Year 2 students of the BAScT programme will enjoy free access to courses of Google Career Certificates Programme 2023 in the new academic year (2023/24) and earn credentials for in-demand skills.

BAScT|Visit to Google HK

14 Apr 2023

The Bachelor of Arts, Science and Technology (Hons) (JS2950) students visited Google Hong Kong. The visit provided an opportunity for students to learn about Google's workplace culture and innovative projects being developed in Google Office.

BAScT|Visit to Tsz Shan Monastery

10 Mar 2023

The Bachelor of Arts, Science and Technology (Hons) (JS2950) students visited Tsz Shan Monastery. Besides visiting the Buddhism Cultural Museum, the students also learned about community engagement and NGO operation.


「跨學科 • Co-Explore」 全港中學生創作大賽2023

20 May 2023 – 8 July 2023

JUPAS Consultation Days

12 May 2023 & 19 May 2023

ARTT | Colors: From Inner Self To Outer Worlds

26 April – 5 May 2023 (except Sunday and Public Holiday)