Individualised Major (JS2950)

Bachelor of Arts, Science and Technology (Hons) in Individualised Major

Offered by:  Division of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes


DTUP|Field trip to Eco Park

27 Mar 2024

Year 1 transdisciplinary students embarked on an enlightening journey to Eco Park in their ITS2009 Global Challenges class. 🏙🌿 During the visit, the students were amazed by "1:1 3D Landfill Model," a standout art installation, which offers a vivid glimpse into the journey of garbage management. 🗑🌍 Witnessing the full cycle of municipal solid waste from generation to disposal, students understood more about the crucial role of recycling in our environment. 🔄 An enriching and rewarding learning experience that broadened their perspectives and fueled their passion for sustainability! 🌟🌱 

DTUP|Field trip to Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) Headquarters

20 Mar 2024

Embarking on a unique educational adventure, students of ITS2009 Global Challenges explored the sustainable solutions by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department  (EMSD) Headquarters. 🌿🏗 Walking the Educational Path, the students discovered different outdoor energy-saving facilities, such as a grey water recycling system and a vast Building-Integrated Photovoltaic System of over 2,000 panels across 3,000 square meters. 🌞💧  What an enlightening and captivating journey into the world of mechanical and electrical engineering!

HSWB|Field trip to the Aquatic Sports Rehabilitation Center

13 Mar 2024

Year 2 students from BSocSci (Hons) / BSci (Hons) in Innovation in Health and Social Well-Being (JS2940) visited the Aquatic Sports Rehabilitation Center in Shenzhen 💪, which was set up by a former swimming team representative, to learn more about the rehabilitation medical technology in the Greater Bay Area. Some of the students had the opportunity to go into the rehabilitation training pool to learn more about how to collect gait data through aquatic cameras and utilize AI for rehabilitation analysis.🌟



10 Apr 2024

CHTL x DTUP|Roundtable Discussion about Transdisciplinary Teaching Excellence

15 Feb 2024

DTUP |「跨學科 • Co-Explore」 全港中學生創作大賽2024

30 Nov 2023

CHTL x DTUP|TALES - How Well Can AI Assist Us in Coding and Grading Tasks?