Global Challenges

All students enrolled in HKBU's transdisciplinary programmes are required to complete the 9-credit common core course "Global Challenges". These courses explore the intricacies of global issues, emphasizing innovative solutions derived from transdisciplinary collaborations. Aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Challenges curriculum follows a progressive framework encompassing "Connection", "Complexity", and "Collaboration".

In the first year, Global Challenges I is offered in Semester 1. It aims to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and introduce students to how disciplines are connected to global issues, and how disciplines can work together.

In the second year, Global Challenges II is a year-long course that focuses on instilling positive attitudes and inspiring behavioral changes. In Semester one, it centers on engaging with local communities and industries, offering a hands-on problem-based learning environment. In Semester Two, it shifts towards collaborative projects with international universities, highlighting the effectiveness of joint efforts in tackling global issues.