Message from Director of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes

Thank you for visiting our website. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Division of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes (DTUP) at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

The website features four exciting transdisciplinary degree programmes in Arts and Technology (JS2920), Global Entertainment (JS2930), and Innovation in Health and Social Well-Being (JS2940), as well as a personalized degree – Bachelor in Arts, Science and Technology (Hons) in Individualised Major (JS2950) for students who have a unique set of interests and career goals not found in traditional majors.

It is our firm belief that complex problems such as climate change, post-pandemic issues, and technological advancement require a holistic education that integrates multiple disciplines and encourages collaborative efforts across fields. At DTUP, we offer a 9-unit course on "Global Challenges" for all transdisciplinary students. This course brings together students from a variety of backgrounds to explore and analyze global challenges from a variety of perspectives. Teams of students work together to develop solutions to real-life problems alongside experiential learning opportunities such as field trips, internships, problem-based projects, and partnerships with local and overseas communities.

Through the support of HKSAR Education Bureau Business-School Partnership Programme (BSPP), we also extended transdisciplinary education to younger generations. We organized the first Transdisciplinary Contest for Hong Kong Secondary Schools and encourage students to think beyond their academic silos and work together to analyze a specific global problem. Using this approach, we believe students will develop critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity skills that will prepare them to become innovative problem-solvers and future-ready leaders.

Please follow us on our social media platforms to stay informed about our upcoming events and updates. Whether you're a prospective student or a current student, we look forward to welcoming you on campus! We also look forward to establishing transdisciplinary partnerships and connections with like-minded individuals in local and global communities.

Dr. Glos Ho, SFHEA
Director of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes
April 2023

Dr. Glos Ho, SFHEA